1) Why are Orasta Products offered at such a great Value. Are they expired or taste rancid ?

A: No, Orasta Products are NOT Expired. You have at least 8 months to  2 Years to Expire. They are stored in a cold Storage and they Taste VERY FRESH !

Quantities are VERY LIMITED !

2) What are PICK-UP Locations ?

A: PICK-UP locations are STRICTLY just for customers to go and Pick Up there Order once they receive a Pick Up email confirmation for the requested location during cart checkout.

3) Can we choose a PICK UP Location ?

A: Yes, During cart checkout you can select any PICK-UP location from Available locations.

4) Are PICK-UP Locations available outside GTA ?

A: Currently we offer PICK-UP Locations only in GTA FREE OF CARGE. Any delivery outside GTA should be paid through a discounted courier (ie; Ups, Canada post, etc...) upon cart checkout.

5) Picking up an order from a PICK-UP location is free of Charge ?

A: Yes, picking up an order from any PICK-UP location is Free !

6) How much Time do I have to collect my Order from a PICK-UP Location, Once I receive a Pick Up email notification for my Order ?

A: You have 2 days to Pick Up your order from the day you receive an email notification for Pick Up.